Short Story

Red- A short Story (Part 2)

  • Red...the conclusion 
    Work commitments kept  both of us busy on weekdays so we decided to meet on Saturday. 
    Enthralled and super excited for the weekend, I felt days getting longer and moving in slow pace. 
    Big task was to select the color of  dress as I and Vishal have  discussed it earlier. Messages floated freely without hesitation and usage of emoticons was in full swing.Bought new dress with some accessories as add-ons. 
    Weekend broke with hot tea, newspaper and freshness of flowers which made my small garden look bright and  colorful. 
    Brewed coffee and sent him a message, "Hi, good morning!! morning time, have some tea. So all set for the evening? "  with tiny curvy smile. 
    In a nano second, his message dropped, "hello, good morning, day is sunny and beautiful , get ready for the evening, it is going to be positive " smiley with heart emojis showering with messages. 
    Sitting on the couch and thinking, "I have met him only  on few occasions, but the excitement in me is increasing, is this love or infatuation? Not able to decide. I went on thinking about his looks. He has a charming personality and I have to match with him in my way, need to show my swag too(wink).
    I selected perfect color for the date. Lets see in the evening, what he wears". Drowned in the thoughts of ambiguities. 
    It's 5.30pm and we  decided to meet at a cafe. Soft music, long conversations and privacy will be treat for today's day. Our venue  was located near the renowned florist shop. 
    Knee length dress with touch of light makeup and red lipstick which looked more prominent on my face and I wanted to highlight this color (red) on my face.(smile). 
    Cafe Jugheads(name of the cafe) ,renowned, spacious and decent ambience with privacy. Luckily I got the table, reserved it for us. Vishal arrived but then he was late for ten minutes. He entered the cafe , his eyes searching for me. Found it!! 
    Smiled and shook hand started immediately with his conversation , "how are you Anu? How did your week go? Sorry got little late, stuck in traffic? His smile had a speck of naughtiness and  took his seat. 
    " I can understand the traffic situation . How is your office work going, you had told about your  hectic schedules and lot many meetings lined ahead, hope the things were interesting? I asked him with some concern. Thought it was a gesture of initiating with some formal talks. But he took it in a different way. 
    He smiled broadly and replied, "you are so much concerned about me, happy to see  this side of personality, these signs are positive, I had told you in the morning" I too smiled but got puzzled with his words. 
    Ordered coffee for himself and orange juice for me. Of course he asked my Choice of drink before ordering. 
    My fingers were tempering the ring worn on my third finger. He looked at my fingers and said, "are you feeling nervous? Hope you are fine".  I replied," I am absolutely fine". 
    He felt little relaxed. 
    So finally our topic of colors sprang up. 
    (guys let me reveal the color worn by us) 
    This time too we had worn matching color clothes but the color was black. (laugh). His black shirt and blue jeans and mine Plain black knee length dress as described earlier. 
    God knows, what kind of emotions  gushed inside both of us. But the color black has its own significance too. I felt we have developed sound telepathy after each occasion we met. 
    We both started feeling comfortable with each other but still my heart yearned for something more with the conversations,which even I failed to understand . It was still asking me the same question. Is this love or infatuation? 
    Three hours fourth five minutes, good long talk. Food, movies, clothing, traveling and many Many more topics opened out from the box. . Though time felt short for us as we both had lot many things to talk about. 
    Time arrived, when I initiated to part  because it was now late. Vishal paid the bill. During our conversations, whenever I looked at him I felt his expressions were over flowing with emotions, just like falling in love. His face reflected stiff nervousness at the time of  departing as if there is something which  is left to say. 
    About to leave, he took my hand into his made me sit back. He told me to wait here for a while. I said ok. He went out from the cafe to get the red rose from the florist shop which I was absolutely unaware. 
    I found the things turning fishy and was eagerly looking out from the glass of the cafe of his arrival. I couldn't see the rose as he had hidden behind his back. He entered the cafe and sat with nervousness and looking into my eyes and offered the red rose. Proposed me saying " whenever and wherever we have met, I had been always looking out for you. You are my love at first sight and red color on you makes my heart beat faster. I don't know how to express it in a better way. I LOVE YOU." he stopped, Adrenaline rushed down his spine and then his face went totally blank expressionless . 
    I smiled and heard each and every word. Expressions were speechless and he was looking more cute then ever. 
    I took the rose from him and with the gentle smile on my face I replied, "thanks for the red rose". I too kept quiet for few seconds and then I expressed my feelings for him,
    "I  will always have fond memories for the color red between us and will cherish it forever. Vishal, you are very handsome and an eligible man to any girl, with decent background, but I am still not in that frame of mind and nor do I have the similar feelings as you have for me. We can be good friends if you want to. As I don't know much about your nature and  few occasions  cannot help the person to be judged or understand . I am really sorry for this. One thing I want to confess that you are really charming and I did have a crush on you". Conversation and ambiguities ended with happy note. 
    He was all fine with smiling face but somewhere deep inside his heart, jerk of rejection was painful. He agreed to be my friend. 
    We are still good friends and now getting closer(smile and wink) We meet up more oftenly than before and our frequent meetings are brewing something which is still unknown.(broad smile). May be love(still puzzled) 
    This story ended with color black. Red was rejected color but still it is an ongoing emotion of love which is brewing between them.. Nobody has seen the future stance. May be they unite or may be never.. 
    So stop thinking about the future and enjoy. Time says everything. Color played very important role in their life at this moment. Black revealed the mysterious  personality of Anu as she was not sure about the relationship. Red showed the fierce side of love which brewed the feelings between them after the rejection .  Combination of both, black and red revealing their status of relationship, "they are still together but not together" .(smile)

    - Chaitali Agarwal