Short Story

To wrap her entire universe up...

  • 9th August 2017 ! ðŸ’™

    That evening, when he asked casually,
    "May I hold your hand?", her soul surrendered before him spontaneously for lifetime imprisonment, and for next Life too.

    He asked to ride the scooty, and she nodded yes. 

    In a formal wear: a white shirt rolled up-sleeves, he compelled her to believe in God. Each time she looks at him, she believes in God. Only God can create such an adorable face faultlessly. 

    He was driving the scooty carefully while She was happy sitting on the back seat. 

    Few minutes later, she leaned on his shoulders from the back. Her head on his shoulders, she closed her eyes.

    "Probably, this is how it feels heaven in her life. How it feels to wrap her entire universe up at instant. " her heart murmured.

    That moment was her whole life perhaps. It was comforting, secure and inexplicable. It was that moment when she felt like forgetting everything, and every hardship she had faced in her life yet. Her heart was drenched. She was well aware of the relationship they shared: a friendship. Still, he earned the rights on her by his righteousness. 

    "You slept?" He asked. 

    “No. But, you're driving very slow. “she reciprocated. 

    " I'm careful on riding." He added.

    He smiled, from the back she couldn't see him smiling, but she felt her heartbeats sensing the fragrance of his smile. 

    "This is where my heart resides. " her mind narrated without words.

    He is the only one before him she would love to bend a little. What she discerns about him is beyond her dreams, and his imagination, and beyond the clouds.
    "The way you smile is more than enough to handcuff someone for life. It's magical." She nervously told.

    "Achha? How could you see it now? " he laughed.
    " My closed eyes, heartbeats and your smile are deadly combination together. No matter you're here or far, each time I close my eyes, I witness your smile. “she slowly expressed.

    He understood her unuttered words between those dramatic lines, but he remained silent.

    There was a drop of love in the atmosphere they were unaware of. 
    He sensed her un-confessed confession without reciprocity, and she was in invisible tears of happiness that how he became her emotional rollercoaster. 

    He paused the scooty near his home, and bid bye with that upward inverted curve on his lips with that heavenly sparkle in his eyes, and that dimple on his chin played as a cherry on the cake.

    She offered him Alpenlieb. 

    He took one from the packet, and told,
    " Keep the rest with you till I'll take another in our next meeting." 

    She smiled, and said bye.

    He stepped on towards his home while she started her scooty towards hers. 
    "Hey,Let me stare at you for few more time here." She vocalised looking back.
    He turned. 
    “it’s late. Go home. See you soon. Ta ta. " 
    Still, she stole that half-minute to donate a glimpse of him to her disobedient eyes. 

    At every sight, she falls for him with utmost pride.

    “Okay. Ta ta." She replied.

    On the way to home, she was constantly thinking, "he still remembers, I Don't like the word "Bye." 
    It's not always love. Little things leave life time imprint in our heart. 

    That packet of unwrapped Alpenliebe is still in her bag. It reminds her of that moment when she unintentionally leaned on his shoulders: a token of bliss, peace, and happiness. ðŸ’™ 

    #DearDiary â˜•

    - Sanjukta Praharaj