Short Story

... After Seven Years

  • He rushed to the cabin noticing her through the glass-window. 

    "Hey. You here? A long time. In fact, 7-years. When did you come? How are you?" he asked in one flow. 

    He dragged the chair and sat looking at her keeping his hand on the table. 

    " Yes Sir. I'm fine. How are you?" She replied slowly looking at his watch. 

    "All good." he smiled taking a deep breathe. 
    Maybe, he pretended to be normal though she felt his restlessness. His emotions and happiness got reflected in his eyes. After all, they are meeting after 7-years.

    And, he is in front of her..
    The same shirt and the same golden-white watch with black dial she has gifted on his birthday, his smile worked as an add-on spark to that moment. He still wears it, she wondered.

    She smiled back. She was nervous to her toe. It has been 7 long years; still She is unable to make a little eye-contact with him. Not because of a shiver, but a feeling of nervousness acquires her each time they meet. She respects him the most. She adores him. 

    "I think, it's high time. You can at least look at my face now while taking. Why so till now? Is my face so much ugly?" he teased observing her nervousness. 

    " No Sir. I'm sorry. "She replied.

    "Crazy girl, still you are childlike. I was kidding", stated he.

    “Any work here? All of a sudden, you are here after years. And, we never talked within these years too. Your order it was and I was bound to follow. I had heard about your marriage,“added he.

    She nodded yes. 
    "A flashback took her years back. How madly she was a stalker! How eventually he realised her feelings! But, there was the wrong time to be together and how they departed their ways. Maybe, she was afraid of carrying the responsibility of a relationship and she couldn't fake promises. She was never a selfish person. His Happiness was her everything and beyond.
    That afternoon, she kept a pen on his table which she was borrowed from him few minutes before. She started leaving the room, he held her wrist," wait. I want to say something. Listen once."

    "Yes. Please say. “She turned back.

    “Two years! I know, you were not joking. No matter what your mouth utter, your eyes express truth. I can read it now. All the things you have done for me are not crush-things. I admit, I took years to realise, but why you are running away from all these excusing this as a stupid random crush." he raised his eyebrows.

    “Trust me Sir. It was my crush. No such hard feelings. I just passed the time. Two-years were beautiful. “she faked a smile.

    Tears started filling the corner of his eyes and he pulled her by her shoulders. 

    " Tell me the truth damn it. Why are you doing it? I can't live without you. Cut the crap. Stop calling me Sir." 
    She was trembling clutched by his palms. Their eyes met and fixed at each other. Their hearts were shivering. 

    " It's hurting. Please leave me." She voiced. 

    He sensed her pain and released her shoulders, “Sorry. But, look at me once and say, this was your crush."

    She turned to hide her tears.

    "I got my answer. By the way, I did not want to know your answer as I knew it from the day one. I can't stop you. But, remember, I'm all yours for life,“confessed he. 

    "Your dignity matters. I loved you from always. But, we can't be together. I don't want anyone to blame you as we belong to a sacred forum. And, you realised my feelings after your marriage got fixed. Don't you think it's too late? You will break it, but what about that girl. What's her fault? So it's better to break everything between us. Swear on me, you'll do this for me if you love me. That's it." She replied and left.

    Next day, he texted her," can we meet today for the final time?"

    "Okay. “She typed back.

    In the evening..
    "I'll marry. I'll obey whatever you say. In my whole life, I have never met a girl like you who can do everything selflessly without thinking anything. The way you love me is irreplaceable. You want me to get married and I'll. I promise, I'll keep her happy with all my heart though it'll take some time. But, promise me, you’ll get married too and be happy always. Your smile is all I want. Your smile is my precious asset. Please, don't let it fade away." he expressed.

    "Hmm. I'll, but after few years. "She lowered her eye lids.

    "If possible, please come to my marriage,"he asked.

    "I love you that much that I can let you go with someone else too. My Love is not weak. But, I'm a human and I can't see all this in front of my eyes. And, I will not invite you to my marriage too. In fact, I'm leaving the city in this month with family. "She smiled. 

    "Can I hug you for the last time?" he fumbled.

    "No." She got stuck by tears.

    "Please...” he insisted.

    She rushed to his chest murmuring no.
    He circled his arms around her. They both were crying. 
    (At present....)
    "How is your husband?" He asked. 
    "Within 6 months, divorce will be finalised. “She replied.
    "What! You are joking?" He surprised his question.
    "No."She smiled and briefed the matter.

    He walked towards her chair and came on his knees holding her hands," you don't even think me as your own. You had promised to be happy always. You suffered all these and did not even think to inform me once. Why? 

    They both were in tears and looking at each other.

    Her phone rang and she picked it up.
    "Yes mom. I'm coming back today evening. " 

    She stood up and started walking towards the door.

    "Anushka, please, let me hold your hand again. I did not get married. I could not ruin her life. I was yours then, and I’m all yours now. How could I cheat on her? How could I lie to my heart by marrying someone else?, “he told without staring at her.

    She, at her utmost surprise, looked at him.
    He ran and hugged her tight and broke down to the ultimate level. She had no clue how to reciprocate him. 

    - Sanjukta Praharaj