Catalogue - Heartbreak In Progress

Book : Heartbreak In Progress

Language : EN

About the book

Maanya is your typical girl next door. She's a girl with ambitions and voice, a girl with simple yet big dreams. But just like any other girl, she falls in the sweet syrupy lure of love. And not just any love, the text book version of love at first sight. But only when things seem to be going so perfect, a storm comes. A figurative one, which topples her near perfect life and puts her to stand at crossroads of love, friendship and trust. In a bid to finally get over with it all, she takes the step nobody had imagined. Not dying, but something probably even brutal. They say love makes you do crazy things. Well they didn't tell -It's not always the "good" crazy.

Author : Chitra Batra- Ritika Nandwani