Catalogue - A Hundred Bricks down

Book : A Hundred Bricks down

Language : EN

About the book

“Perspective is a luxury when your head is constantly buzzing with a swarm of demons.” -- Khaled Hosseini A hundred bricks down, is an attempt to ensnare these demons that once consumed the hearts of ten beautiful people, who braved those disparaging noises in their heads and carved out enchanting verses, each one, an intimate slice from the less visited alleys of their lives. With Love, heartbreaks and Life as their canvas; a doctor, a student, a sailor, a mathematician, a mother, a software engineer, and a few scientists, embarked on their individual journeys to paint their muse. This poetry anthology is the culmination of their soul searching, hoping to help people from all walks of life, find meaning, closure and hope in their lives as well.


Author : Ayena Makkar Giridhar, Sara Jothi, Prerona Dutta, Nikitha Pandey, Anubhav Srivastava,Sai Manohar, Aditya Kurdekar, Maha Devan, Laxya Tokas. Abhinav Nair