Catalogue - Ice Town

Book : Ice Town

Language : EN

About the book

It’s 26 November, 2008. Mumbai is holding her breath. Death has never been busier – putting two innocent lovers, Sagar and Anjali, under her watch. Sagar, a nineteen years old, is trying to trace his dream in the chaotic atmosphere of his Engineering College. He’s trapped between his feelings for Anjali and his still unsure dream of becoming a photographer. In his attempt to overcome the magical power of the human heart and universal whisper, he commits a crime—a crime that shatters his life forever. Nothing will ever be the same. It’s a small story, about: A boy + A girl + A book whose wisdom has changed millions of lives + A Buddhist monk + A goddess being killed by her own devotees + And a lot of politic


Author : Akash Rathod