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Book : All That Matters

Language : EN

About the book

All it took for two lives to intertwine was grief. Kaveri and Ananya are two estranged cousins, who are separated by their conflicting personalities and lifestyle. While Kaveri is a shy nineteen-year-old keen on music, Ananya is an ambitious content writer trying to work her way up to the top. Kaveri and Ananya move to Mumbai. Kaveri secretly plots for ways to return to her village Paravat and Ananya tries to move on. Their chaotic life takes a strange turn, when they come across two men, Aryan and Lakshay. When Kaveri begins to temporarily work in a music store, she experiences love, friendship and a burning passion to pursue music. Ananya falls in love with Lakshay, a Squadron leader, who provides her with a sense of security and confidence, which she never felt before. Will they find love and acceptance, before it’s too late?


Author : Nidhi Srivastava & Srilakshmi