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Book : Final Illumination

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About the book

Zubeida gets trapped into an unknown web of gloom and doom, all in her head and loses the grip of life. What's worse is her biggest strength, Aariana, too succumbs to the same trauma, that take shape of an intangible evil force. She meets the man who ignites the spark back in her life. Jude. A few dates, conversations and repartee.... the unavoidable happens. Love. Is there a need so strong that can sometimes overpower love too? The need of freedom. While Jude does everything to make her excel on the stage with her acting, Zubeida tears apart her inhibitions while performing. Final Illumination is an inspirational story of a woman's indomitable passion to find her lost soul, of an untouched intense love, and a regained camaraderie with life.


Author : Farrah Begum