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Book : Sneak Peak

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About the book

THIS BOOK IS FOR ALL THOSE DARING HEARTS, WHO HAVE SECRETS OF THEIR OWN AND WOULD WANT TO CONFESS A FEW IN FRONT OF OTHERS. Sneak Peak will take you through a time when APPLE was still a fruit, children spend time playing with each other rather than in front of computers and a time when people rescued a dying person instead of taking their video and posting on Facebook. There was a simpler time in the 80's and 90's and those who lived those times and who didn’t, will equally love what you are going to read here. It’s not my story but it is yours too! The hero of this story is not Dhyankumar but the story itself. Here Dhyankumar closely post-mortems the various phases in his life, how he felt and how different it would have been, or should have been, had he thought in a different way. The book deeply emphasizes the values of friendship and how it can change one’s life and sometimes destroy the same.



Krishnakumar (KK), author of the book, is a mechanical engineer by profession. Apart from being scholastically brilliant, he has won many prizes in college and intercollegiate literary competitions. 

He intends to make a change in the society through his books as he believes the greatest gift of all, to give to mankind is the gift of thoughts, fun and wisdom which he believes can be imparted through his books