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Bake a book - From 60 minute metro books to fully fledged novels, we are here to publish it all. Half Baked Beans publishing house is the perfect launch pad for new upcoming writers. We are looking at work in all genres: fiction (romance, thriller, adult and children books, short stories, sci fi, literary, humour, and poetry) and nonfiction (autobiographies, biography, narrative nonfiction, politics, sports, current affair, business, economics, travel)

To get your stories published with us please submit your work to in a .doc format. We will respond to your email in less than a week.
Your proposal should include the following:


(a) Authors Bio
A bio should typically be in third person reference. To broadly classify the topics it should include details like:
- The title of your book
- The reason behind a particular title
- Any previous published work
- Awards if any
- Qualifications and work experience
- Sample work (includes links to blogs or any online or offline portal)
(b) Synopsis
We are looking for a brief synopsis for your book. It is the first litmus test that your book has to pass via any publisher, so choose your words carefully. Please follow the below mentioned guidelines for the same:
- Identify genre of your manuscript
- Not more than 500 words. If you are requested for a detailed synopsis, please do not exceed 2500 words.
- It should start with how the story folds, grows with the narration and finally unfolds. Gradually you could move into further details like the background, the period in which the story is set etc. Please introduce the characters in the story.
PS- don't keep us guessing about the end 
(C) Sample three chapters
You can choose to send us your top three chapters to help us identify the narration and language used by the author. They can be random picks as long as they are included in your manuscript.